We are currently working with existing pontoon boat companies on licensing and manufacturing agreements for the Nauti Bar Table. Expand the experience of the pontoon boat! The goal is to have this as a dealer accessory option for new boat purchases.

OEM Nauti Bar Table, patent pending tow bar accessory

Oem Nauti Bar Table

Basic features:

  • Welds directly to ski tow bar. Eliminates clamping and additional support struts of aftermarket Nauti Bar Table.
  • Allows manufacturer ideal positioning, for/aft, to maximize deck utilization and standing areas
  • Manufacturer choice of table shape, size, material, and color to match existing on board tables
  • Allows full motor function (tilt/turn)
  • Clearance for tow rope hook up to existing tow bar
  • Rounded corners for safety and walk around clearance
  • Full function of swim ladders
  • Cup holders and trim rail prevents items from falling into the water

(Post mount Nauti Bar Table, tow bar accessory, patent drawings available)

Patent Pending OEM Nauti Bar Table